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On-Site Digital Marketing Workshops

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Delivered by our highly experienced marketing consultants, digital strategists and trainers, our On-Site Digital Marketing Workshops are designed to bring together and motivate teams with a fun, inspiring and practical day of marketing training, brainstorming and action planning.

Working hard, but no growth?

Sometimes in life, and in work, things can seem so unfair. You work hard, and you do your best - but nothing seems to change. No matter how much time, effort and money you put into your business, you just don't feel that you are getting any closer to your goals. Your team seem always to be frustrated and lacking in motivation, and your customers just don't seem to appreciate or value all the ways you have (and continue to) invest in your business to deliver the high quality customer care that they have come to rely on.

Break the Cycle!

We can help you break this cycle and make a positive change for the future growth, certainty and success of your business. Armed with years of digital marketing experience and a sound understanding of the principals that govern success, our On-Site Marketing Workshop is designed to help you and your team understand what you need to do in order to achieve your goals by working through our step-by-step Guide to Digital Marketing called the '7 Steps to Success'.


"The moment you take responsibility for your life and your business, is the moment that everything shifts. You can't leave it to anyone else, you are responsible for your own success - the power is in your hands. How are you going to make your success happen?"

Guide to Successful Digital Marketing

The workshop objective is to explore the fundamental business concepts behind the Guide to Successful Digital Marketing and to provide you with a structured platform to brainstorm ideas, and where relevant, help bring these to life in a practical, targeted action plan. The key objectives of the training day are to help you and your team develop a greater understanding of:

What is marketing and how does it work?

Why is digital marketing important for value-orientated, sustainable and profitable business today?

What is the customer decision making process?

How do we optimise our external marketing systems and put our business on the map?

How do we optimise our internal marketing systems and customer journey for increased uptake of services?

How do we turbo-boost our cusomter communications to maximise our impact and optimise our return on marketing investment?

What does a Marketing Action Plan look like and how can we effectively implement this in our business?

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